As I sit and wonder…

As I sit and ponder what might become of this beautiful suffering and delicate little pale blue dot, anxiety slowly creeps its way into my heart not letting me pump enough blood to the rest of my organs. It slows down my process of processing the inevitable fate that we all share. I’ve got so many questions that we all need answers to. Are we going to make it? Is our planet going to kill us all? What can I do? WHAT CAN I DO in a world full of negligent, uneducated, uncaring people who go on about their days feeling unaffected by the magnitude of such horrors which are bestowed upon them by not just themselves, but their own government and companies. Companies which own everything and run everything, companies which use you, trick you, lie to you, companies that spy on you, use your information, sell it, make money off of you, companies that pay the government to betray you and allow you to be a victim. WHAT CAN YOU DO? WHAT CAN I DO? WE CAN’T DO ANYTHING ALONE. We’d never be able to stop it alone. Sitting in a room, reading about it, hearing it on the T.V. We cannot do ANYTHING but sit and watch it happen while others are out fighting for a planet that isn’t even ours or theirs. Fighting for the right to live, for the right to a home which is habitable not just to you or me, but by the millions and billions of living creatures that are rapidly disappearing into non existence because of our stupidity and greed as a life form. Its truly disgusting. If I could end humanity with the push of a button, to preserve it all, the forests, the oceans, the animals. I would kick the shit out of that button. I would do it without hesitation or questions. We don’t deserve any of this beauty and grace. And it doesn’t deserve what we’ve done to it. We are nothing but a plague. Parasites on a host. We’re the garbage, the experiment gone wrong. Humanity, is a cursed word. Humanity is death.


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